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  • Member: Taite
  • Title: Eighty-Six
  • Premiered: 2012-06-03
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    • Avril Lavigne Forgotten
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  • Comments: WARNING: This video contains uncensored sexual scenes.

    About... mmm, 3/4 years back, there was a Sola amv to this song. The song is absolutely atrocious, but I really adored that video. The darkness of the series combined with the theme of betrayal/unrequited love and such with the song, it was just perfect.

    So I heard this song again last Saturday morning and was immediately reminded of that video. I wanted to edit the song to recreate that same feel from the Sola amv. I used this anime because it was actually the first to pop into my head, as it had the same dark scenes that Sola had, which sounds stupid, but was essential to me. I'm a little bit disappointed that I had to use some of the lighter scenes, but oh well.

    However, I added a different theme in my video that wasn't in the Sola one, and that was lust. So there are a lot of sexual scenes in here, but what I hope is that you don't think it's just some fan-service video; it sticks to the themes of the song and the series in my eyes, so I hope that stands out.

    However (again), Yosuga no Sora lacks the natural impact Sola had, as Sola contained action. So I actually ended up doing your typical shake and blur to add impact. It's my first time using that effect, since I like to utilize the natural impact of a series, but it had to be done.

    And so, as with all of my amvs, there are major flaws, but that's because I make videos in a day, and instead of polishing it, I'm just relieved to have it done so I never touch it again. So I started and finished this video last Saturday, about 4/5 hours. There's some things I could have done to make this video flow smoother, but I accomplished what I wanted to do, so there you go.

    And if you're wondering, no, this series sucked. I actually saw one episode of it because the animation looked pretty; not only was it mediocre, but then there was the ecchi factor or whatever, and I was immediately turned off. -.-

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