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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: Sakuracon 2012 Iron Editor vs. Castor Troy
  • Premiered: 2012-04-07
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  • Song:
    • Clint Mansell Lux Aeterna
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is the video I created during the Sakuracon 2012 Iron Editor Competition. I was the reigning champion but unfortunately I lost. I'm not terribly thrilled with my performance. I wasn't very prepared and I didn't really have any good ideas to work with. I ended up picking Lux Aeterna becuase it was my first choice and nothing else really picked.

    The theme was "Thing that go bump in the night". Our sources were:

    Witch Hunter Robin
    High School of the Dead
    Corpse Princess
    Hellsing Ultimate
    Fatal Frame

    The secrete source: Gregory Horror Show

    With the song choice, I wanted to focus on the mood and tone of the video. I think the song lends itself well to that but my editing fell flat. I really don't think I accomplished the mood I was looking for not to mention the editing is a little sloppy. Only so much I can do in two hours I guess.

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