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  • Member: Anicsi
  • Studio: Fidelity Studios
  • Title: Never Enough
  • Premiered: 2012-05-10
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  • Songs:
    • JJAMZ Never Enough
    • Tomoki Hasegawa Koi Suru Hachi
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    "'Never Enough' is a song about friendship, sisterhood,
    and the perils of loving someone that takes more
    than they could ever give"
    - Michael Runion

    What should I say? I knew it would be quite risky to combine Real-Live and Anime footage, but my expectations weren't quite met so far. A lot more people seem to dislike it, than I'd have thought. Even so, I don't regret my decision, because to me, it wouldn't make sense or be as atmospheric without the real-life footage.

    I guess the biggest inspiration for this video, as you may guess, was the song itself. The moment I heard it for the first time, I had already fallen in love with it.

    Watching the original music video along to it, was moving, heartbreaking, and yet so inspiring. I immediately had to think of NANA. There are some scenes that are so strikingly similar in the 'Never Enough' music video and the Anime, that it is almost surreal. There were many times while I was editing this, where I was thinking: 'That can't be, this is a too perfect match.'

    That said, I just tried to create a situation in which both worlds would merge together and the characters would blend in such a way, that one wouldn't even pay attention to them being of different origin.

    I wanted to touch people's heart with this video, as well as let some of my own experience flow into it. Nana's and Hachi's friendship is so strong, and yet it is never enough. It's an endless cycle of loving and hurting, when in fact all you want to do is be close to that person. And that, I think, is something very tragic, and worth every second of thought and time put into.
    I hope you'll take something with you of this video. Hold your friends close, and never forget they will be the ones walking though life with you. Share your feelings. Don't be afraid to make the first step to apologize. Life is too short to let things come between you.

    Important: I know the introduction is quite long, and looking back, maybe it should have been shorter. On the other hand it is there for a reason, so I hope you'll give the video a chance, even if the intro shouldn't meet your fancy.

    Enjoy, and thanks for watching! ^^


    As a side note, in the song, I absolutely love the tiny changes in the chorus. In the beginning it's always 'It was never enough, never enough.' Later on it changes to 'You were never enough' and in the end, probably the most heartbreaking, it concludes to 'We were never enough.' OH GOD, I COULD BAWL WITH THIS SONG, JJAMZ IS SO AMAZING! Oh, and by the way, the blonde short haired girl (that represents Nana in the video) is the singer of the song. :D Her name is Z (Elisabeth).


    Now, that's enough, all information is in the video. :)
    Intro song is from the Nana OST and is called Koi Suru Hachi.

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