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  • Member: lloyd9988
  • Title: Little Wing
  • Premiered: 2012-05-03
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  • Song:
    • Jimi Hendrix Little Wing
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  • Comments: So. . . I had this project idea in my head back a while ago and I was like "How do I emphasize Ushio's death to make it look more awesome than it actually is??" Well. . . I kinda screwed up on that part so now I"m just like "Whatever, its an AMV and I'm tired of it sitting on my computer." xD

    Many thanks to my wonderful beta testers. Thank you guys for your awesome comments, they helped me out tremendously! :D

    FYI, the time it took me to do this was. . . quite a long time and, not to mention, I really didn't like the music source to go with Clannad. . . well. . . One of my beta testers pointed it out and thanks god she did because I was wondering why I wasn't feeling this AMV at all, or why it had a weird vibe, so thanks for that. xD

    Last thing I want to point out. . . Is why are the credits better than the video itself??

    Also, hope you guys enjoy. :3

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