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  • Member: SSJVegeta17
  • Studio: Otaku's Heaven Fusion Studio
  • Title: The Perfect Game
  • Premiered: 2003-06-12
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    • Drowning Pool & Rob Zombie The Man Without Fear [Daredevil OST]
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  • Comments: This video comes out on the spur of the moment... I was there... looking for a song, when I find it "The Man Without Fear" by Drowning Pool featuring Rob Zombie... I stay shocked when I hear it! Wonderful!
    I think it over: "I will make an action music vid of it, I like the song too much and the lyrics match very well with the theme I'm getting into my head..." What is the theme? The most spectacular fight in Dragon Ball Z series: Goku vs Cell! So it's a fuckin' action video! At the first, you'll see an "old style" video effect (just like the one I used in my previous Bring Me To Life music vid); this 'cause this video is just a sequence of recollections and the fight scenes are not placed in the vid in a chronological order but taken from different times. So I put this effect just like it was an old story and you were watching it with a noisy soundtrack! ^__^ I think that an action vid must have some nice effect! Please note how I used the "ghosting" effect in two different ways: first time I did it wholly to give a sense of bewilderment and of quiet before an uproar burst forth. The second way is the one I called "Matrix style". To put ghosting strip only where moves (punches, kicks etc...) are fast. From this comes out that "Matrix style" I like very much. The song perfectly matches the vid: you'll hear "You can't hurt me" when Goku tries to hit Cell but with no result. Please note that the lyrics not only fit Goku but both the contenders. Every time you'll hear "You can't stop me" and things like this, do think that are words referred and to Goku and to Cell. Well, I hope you like this music video and I wish you a good vision!


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