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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: A Few Wrong Notes...
  • Premiered: 2012-04-15
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    • Natasha Bedingfield No Mozart
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  • Comments: What? A new video? What it's only been 3 years, that's nothing! :)

    ~Runner-up Romance/Sentimental @ AnimeNEXT 2012~

    Ok now that that's over with... I've been hoping and hoping to make another AMV for ages and the opportunity presented itself for this one - I felt oddly motivated and I jumped on it and the initial cut was done in a day. Then I spent several weeks sitting on it and the like, but here it is. Finally. I've actually been sitting on this idea for months (if not longer) so I'm glad I was finally inspired to put it together.

    Basically it's just a fun little video, probably reaches out to Nodame fans more than others but you can enjoy it either way. It's not a crazy this-is-my-comeback-masterpiece-after-3-years! type of thing! It's just fun! :)

    That being said, this is the first full AMV I've edited on my Mac so compressing it for the .ORG was a bitch, to say the least, and hopefully this file will do. :) It's a 1280x720 Windows/Mac friendly file (at least according to my Windows testers!). There's also a Direct Mac h.264 version you guys can get if you have Macs or whatever, I think it looks nicer - full 1920x1080 HD on this one! ;P And there's also a 1920x1080 Mac/Windows friendly file on the Direct DL you can get instead... not as pretty as the Mac only file but still nice. That said, thanks Scoob for all your help with this one! You're kickass as always.

    Also huge thanks to all the guys who beta tested this one! You guys are great - I hope you know who you are, cause I don't! Just kidding. ;P

    Ok enjoy! Nodame!!! Yay!! :)

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