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  • Title: Borders
  • Premiered: 2012-04-09
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    • Shinedown The Crow and the Butterfly
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  • Comments: At its heart, Borders is focused on Friend A joining a gang but still somehow remaining himself, and Friend B going to "save" friend A, but instead winds up addicted to drugs and turning into a coldhearted killer (Whether Friend B actually kills people or the montages are just metaphors for how bad drugs/trips are is for the audience to decide).

    This plot hit close to home (for me) because I know a lot of recovered drugs addicts who used to be pretty shitty people. But after getting off drugs, have become much better, productive members of society and I am deeply thankful they still exist today.

    That being said, I made two versions of the video. One with text, and one without.
    Anyone having experience with drugs and/or hardship, should get the no text version (Which I'm going to say at this point is the 'official' version).

    The text version has text basically navigating you through the story. Some dialogue but mostly narration. I tried to keep it as short and vague as possible so it could help anybody relate.

    I added text mostly as my own foray into a video with text, since I always wanted to do one. I think Borders stands well enough on its own, however, so consider the text an 'extra' feature, if you're so inclined to download that version.

    LOCAL version of video is the 'no text' version.


    couldn't catch the exact frame on vlc, but the comparison is close enough, I hope.

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