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  • Member: gotegenks
  • Studio: DZ Studios
  • Title: Alright Alright Alright
  • Premiered: 2012-04-04
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    • Gorillaz All Alone
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    This video is dedicated to one of the people i despise most in this community. The one editor who i've never fully liked, and who's never fully liked me. The first editor to challenge my superiority in the realm of editing and the one who stayed most constant in their distaste for my editing. The only editor to ever provide a challenge to me and flip flop in a way that was most maddening. This is dedicated to justin, j, jfag, jfarce, jforce321. one of the most hated editors in history, and one of the most proud people of being so hated. Talk to him for 5 seconds and the spotlight will be on him, all thanks to his excellent conversing skills. And after that, you're in for one AMAZING NIGHT listening to an autobiography read aloud by JustinForceThreeTwoOne. At every successful event in my editing career, justin was there to lethargically tell me "gratz" and then follow up with a "it's not that important." The only guy i know to contradict himself at least 5 times in any given conversation and still feel like the winner in the end. This video is dedicated to the only person i've ever met that can outdo me in the arrogant jackass department. I bow my head in reverence, oh great one.

    Jforce321 was the person to keep me from being complacent and apathetic all those years ago when i was hot shit in the kh community. I don't attribute that to any of his own skillsets or experience or knowledge, but to his personality and weaknesses, which I am very thankful exist.

    This video's title is somewhat of a parody to his first decent video (using karas) called Alright Alright

    [ ]

    the reason i chose this song (which i chose like in 2010) for this anime was because the sounds at 0:13 - 0:25 sound a lot like the sounds in jforce's video, it particularly resembles the sound you hear at 1:22 in his video, where you see a syncing trick that i basically rip off in my video at around 1:47. Also, at 0:47, those zooms are also ripped off from one of the more notable parts in jforce's video (0:52 on his video). Finally if you take note of the final scene in jforce's video, i use the same scene at the very end of my credits at 3:47 inside his name as a blatant tribute to him.

    so while he isn't a character of any attractive substance or notoriety, justin force is still a long time friend of mine and an editor who, thanks to the obnoxiousness and superiority complex he possessed, is responsible for the direction i've taken as an editor (and thereby as a person), and i am extremely grateful to and for him.

    also, special thanks to soup, kenshinorox, and joey for having karas videos for me to feed off of.

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