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  • Member: AyumiNeko
  • Studio: Asylum Studios
  • Title: Message
  • Premiered: 2012-03-26
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  • Song:
    • Aly & Aj Never Far Behind
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    All I can say is that this is my first attempt to create MMV. I actually edited it on a whim. At the end of summer my friend Gee suggested that we'd both try making one and see how it ends. While he didn't finish his up until now, I decided to finish mine.
    There are probably tons of mistakes an experienced MMV editor can see, but nevertheless, it was lots of fun to edit something like this, especially for someone like me, who's used to edit with moving clips.
    Maybe it was some kind of challenge for me too?

    I really want to thank Yorleni for sending me many useful files, textures etc. You were a great help! -hearts- And of course all of my beta testers. Thanks!

    Akuma to love song is a great manga and main female protagonist Maria is epic. I think song fits hers and Meguro's relationship a lot. He was the only one who saw who she really is, that she's not just bitchy and annoying girl, but also very lonely and kind person.

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