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  • Member: animAe
  • Studio: EBullientDesigns
  • Title: Hallucination
  • Premiered: 2012-02-24
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    • Trading Yesterday Love Song Requiem
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    This was my entry for the Level Up 2012 Contest. Probably my first time doing a contest like this so I really enjoyed the experience! My pro was AimoAio :) Here is the description that was given:

    animae (Novice): After experiencing the most tragic event of Their childhood, Jinta, along with four other friends are unable to forget their past. Menma, a girl around the age of seven and very close friend to Jinta, passes away after having a small fight with the five leaving her to accidentally fall off the edge of a steep hill and into a river, passing away on site. All five of her friends feel regret for not being able to save Menma but her death hits hardest to Jinta because they were closest and had deep feelings towards her. Several years pass and the friends were able to move on with their lives, except for Jinta. He has become depressed over the loss and still feels it was mostly his fault. As he is about to reach his breaking point, a ghost form of Menma appears before him and only him. The other friends are Unable to See Menma Jinta and Claims to be seeing a Hallucination, to make up for HIS past.

    I really enjoyed working with Aimo on this Project Because I Look up to her as one of My Inspirations in Editing! She was very patient with me because I constantly changed my song and concept in the past months of the contest ^ ^; I thank her for all of the things she taught me such as effects to get the slightly altered storyline just right! I especially appreciate her teaching me how to use VirtualDub, Zarxgui, and getting the right codecs! Thank you for everything May!

    AimoAio (Pro): I'm proud of Mae for Completing this video. She was a really diligent worker who listened to all my annoying nitpicks and still strived to work harder. The main focus in this video was the feeling of "regret". There are so many things you do or say to other people with no regrets when they're still alive. But what happens once they die? Regret is a very strong emotion, strong enough to delude people into seeing things they think are real but in reality, are not. In this video, whether or not the girl was real, is left up to the viewer to decide. There are many interpretations after all. :)

    Finalist in:
    Level Up 2012 - Best Drama [Top 7]
    Level Up 2012 - Best Story [Top 6]
    Tekkoshocon 2012 - Best Drama

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