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  • Member: darkreu
  • Studio: Re-Evolution Studios
  • Title: Mikuraformers Dark of the Moon
  • Premiered: 2012-03-21
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    • Transformers Dark of the Moon trailer audio Transformers Dark Of the Moon Trailer audio
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  • Comments: Trailer month 3 of 4

    Now this was posted back in December of 2011, but i took it down shortly after, since I really wasn't done with the text and title. I then later got my idea for the 'trailer month' and decided to hold it off till I was ready with the rest of the trailers that I was going to upload. Sooooooo trailer month really started with this trailer.

    Came up with the name by remembering that 'mikuras' are the evil yokai that can transformer into humans. So sorta thought it would make an interesting parody title.
    This video was edited in around 5 days. The text took around 15mins to edit ,but around a day to render (title text). Was my first time using Cinema 4D and After Efffects. Ye you can tell I'm a noob, but there baby steps for me in AE and C4D so I am happy with it.
    Special Thanks too:
    OvertureAMV & ChainedStudios for there help with software and motivation
    To whom ever made the CD4 template (I found a copy of a copy) So if you recognize your template thanks man XD.
    TuEstilo0996 for the great tutorial on how to make the title look great.
    Hope you like it please comment and rate.

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