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  • Member: Kazz
  • Studio: Studio Gaijin
  • Title: The Beast in Me
  • Premiered: 2003-06-06
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    • Nick Lowe The Beast In Me
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  • Comments: Sorry about reposting the same links as if they were new, but I tried to edit the file sizes on the links to put them in a more human-readable format, and it reset them. :( That also means that it looks like no one's downloaded the video, when a lot of people already have. :\

    While it is not horribly explicit, this video is not for children.
    This video contains Berserk spoilers!

    Since the video doesn't contain credits (except for studio name and title), I'll list 'em here.

    Berserk - Great show, although the anime does leave some unanswered questions. After watching it, you may want to look up more information about it, because the maga goes far beyond the end of the anime and a lot of your questions can be answered. :) Oh yeah, THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS!

    The Beast in Me by Nick Lowe from The Sopranos Soundtrack. Also a nice disc with a good variety of music. This is the second song we've used off the album, and we have plans for a third!

    Here are the lyrics for anyone who wants 'em:

    The beast in me
    Is caged by frail and fragile bonds
    Restless by day
    And by night, rants and rages at the stars
    God help, the beast in me
    The beast in me
    Has had to learn to live with pain
    And how to shelter from the rain
    And in the twinkling of an eye
    Might have to be restrained
    God help the beast in me

    It tries to kid me that it's just a teddy bear
    Or even somehow managed
    To vanish in the air
    And that is when I must beware
    Of the beast in me
    That everybody knows
    They've seen him out dressed in my clothes
    Patently unclear
    If it's New York or New Year
    God help the beast in me
    The beast in me

    This is the first solo effort I've released. The rest of Studio Gaijin's videos are listed under Spyral's account, at least until we have a way of posting things as a studio instead of as individual users. ;) I hope everyone enjoys it, and we should have more for you soon now that we're back in the AMV groove! We actually do have more that we haven't posted yet because they're currently in contests, so hopefully you'll see 'em at a con this year!


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