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  • Member: Kamih
  • Studio: Distant End Studios
  • Title: Nobody Here Is Perfectly Fine
  • Premiered: 2012-03-11
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • My Favorite Highway Bigger Than Love
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    Forum Announcement Thread

    My entry for the Level Up Contest 2012 @ :3

    Kamih (Novice):
    Firstly… I.AM.EXHAUSED.TO.THE.EXTREME ._______.
    If you were to cross-breed a snail and a turtle … then the result would be probably my editing pace LOL. I am terribly sorry to May for being such an unreliable novice ;___; ( I even thought of just dropping it because I started to hate the acoustic version of this song /shot) but after all I think it was worth it! :D She gave me so many tips and reliable feedbacks for the pacing (which is my overall-weak point) the sync and the mood, therefore I am extremely thankful to her In general I really enjoy editing to slow paced songs, but then my pacing will be even slower than the actual song, so I simply hope I leveled up at it with this little creation of mine :3

    AimoAio (Pro):
    I always knew you had potential to create a beautiful mood based piece. Your colouring and presentation has always been your best points, problem was the pacing and also finding the motivation and time to complete a full video. (I don't even remember when your last FULL video was XD) I'm glad to see the hard work paid off because I really love this video. Well done once again for finishing it. :)

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