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  • Member: [madaraxD]
  • Studio: Argen Team
  • Title: EVOL
  • Premiered: 2012-03-10
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  • Song:
    • Anotsu Man On The Run
  • Anime:
  • Comments: My video for Level Up contest =D

    [madaraxD] (Novice): First of all i want to say thanks to aimo for betatest this clip, really helped me a lot. I'm really happy with the final result of this, and it was a fun and interesting experience =D

    About the video: I want to show the opposite of a ¨good love¨ I mean .. show a relationship of a couple where the guy made ​​to suffer the girl and does not care her love. I also want to show the sad feelings she has for this situation. And in the second half of the song I will show the same but with Renji and Chihiro as protagonists. Also i want show how the two girls suffer in different ways. And the title ¨EVOL¨ is because is LOVE reversed

    AimoAio (Pro): Because EF is relatively overused, when madara first told me about his idea, we both discussed and decided our main focus would be to make it as original and different as possible so a lot of effort was put into effect design. Then our second priority was to focus on the mood. I hope this is able to show through to the viewer because he worked very hard on the video. Enjoy. :)

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