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  • Member: AngelDragoon
  • Title: Leap Forward
  • Premiered: 2012-02-29
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    • Gotye Save Me
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  • Comments: In short, this is a tribute to Magnus and how he affected not only my life, but the many lives he came in contact with. I figured I would post this here considering how much this was his internet home, (I'd be lying if I said he didn't own the self photo thread, lol). If you want a full write-up on what went through my head while making this, feel free to read below.

    I'm not entirely sure what compelled me to make this, but basically I couldn't sleep until it was finished. But that's virtually how it is for every video I make in memory of something.

    About a week ago, a fellow editor who went by the name of Magnus, (or Zetzu from his old account), passed away of cancer. He had been battling it since 2010, but despite his condition he was always very cheerful and loved life very much. March 6th would have been his 18th birthday. Though I did not know Magnus personally, I had been seeing him on the forums, reading his posts, and the posts of those around him. He seemed like a really great person, and while his death hit hard for everyone, I think that in particular is why his death has stuck with me this past week.

    For those of you who don't know, I am a pre-medical student and for a while I've been debating on what I want to focus on. Ever since I was a kid, I've been interested in the medical field to help people, (especially since I was in a go-cart accident and a bunch of doctors and nurses I will probably never know the names of saved my life). That, and my interest stems from my grandma. She had died from cancer as well before I was born, and it still makes me upset to this day that I never got to meet her. Throughout school, though, I had a problem. See, I don't forget much. No, seriously. Anybody else see that episode of House where the chick couldn't forget anything? Yeah, that's me pretty much. (My earliest memory is when I was about 2 in a grocery store...And people wonder why I hold 'grudges', lolol). In any case, while I do not hate the fact that I can remember so much, (in fact I'm very thankful for it), it does pose a problem when trying not to be hard on yourself. It's rather hard to think you can do well when you can't forget all the times you've screwed up. So in school, I would get basically straight As and be at the top of my class, but it just didn't seem good enough. This caused me to get overworked, overstressed, and ultimately strained everyone else I knew, which became a vicious cycle of more stress. But I just couldn't help it. It was only after High School did this feeling slowly go away, considering the work wasn't so regimented, but after four years and the thought of 'I might be missing something before going to med school' has been bringing it back. I was getting so lethargic about it all that I just didn't really care.

    However, hearing of Magnus' death last week was basically the proverbial 'boot to the f'ing face'. I won't be lazy anymore. I can't be. I have to work hard and get my doctorate so I can try to stop this sort of thing from happening to any more people like him, his family, and friends. If I don't do it, then that's one less person who can potentially put an end to cancer. The stress I've been feeling is rather trivial in comparison to what's important in the end, and I have Magnus to thank for completely realizing that.

    So this video is to you, Magnus, and everyone like you and your family who has lost someone along the way. You have inspired me to try harder, leap farther, and do better with the way you lived your life. Wherever you are, I hope God lets you use the heavenly camera. :)

    Oh, and the ending. I'm a huggy kind of person, and I would have hugged Magnus if I could have. The ending isn't exactly what I'd picture, but I went with what the anime gave me, lol.

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