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  • Member: FinalSouls
  • Title: Seeking Paradise
  • Premiered: 2012-02-25
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    • It's Alive Back in to the rain
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    I like to would like to start to by saying thank to you to a special friend of mine  if won't for her I  won't have made this  video at all I would  have just ended up making another shitty dbz video or maybe someother shit so  thank you BB for telling about this  admirable anime  it's nice to change it up watch something decent for once  
    Now I'm pretty happy about the outcome of this video but I think  it could used somemore work on it now that look back on it  it's kind has poorworkmanshop  the hell with it I won't really aimming for that many special effect  I looking more into the  synch and beats  not to forget the smooth matching for the lycies to it won't comeout as a random video  which I fucking  it when that happen in my videos so I tried to add masking in the right place that seem fit like those part say ever since The day I meet idk it felt right to put Cheza face looking back at kiba. As you may alrighty know wolf"s rain basicly is about wolves looking for paradise which ended up being  into a waste since cheza the main flower to ends up dying. 
     in the middle of the video you may notice that I started to use. After effects c5 well thats because I had recently download so I just added some effects that well along with the song  like  snow and lava effect that kiba jumps into  
    At the end I had to cut up the because  I was using the last episode so therefore I had no choice but cut off alittle so I could end the video just right but yet still have a smooth flow to it as it ends. It  took me about a week to make this video  the only reason it took me long  because it to search for episodes in afew websites but even I find them they had  bad quality so it took me awhile ontop of that I was making some DVD for a myself at time while still trying to make the video without rushing through it  
    Before I forget  I like to say thanks to Maddywolf12 for uploading all the wolf"s rain episodes in just a good quality they sure came in handly as I said before I  did dedicated to this video to my friend because she told me about the anime and  she's has always been a  great person always cheer me when things seen to at there lowest in my life. Some of you may think at I have a thing for this girl i kind do  I love her and I would always do anything i can for her for as long as I can some of you may call me stupid but in my opinion it's not a crime to care about someone   
    So here"s to you Brittany ^^ hope you like it  

    BB: that's was a bad-ass video   
    Niki:nice touch with the effets they fit just right with the song btw who is Brittany? 
    MIke: fag!! Xdxd nan it was a pretty decent video liked it a lot to bad it doesn't have more viewers thou          
    Com/Rate plz 

    Video Dedicated To:Brittany 
    SpecialThanksto: Maddywolf12 
    SoftWare Used:AE SV7 PS 

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