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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Title: "The Death and Rebirth of Love"
  • Premiered: 2003-06-10
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    • Ben Folds Five brick
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  • Comments: [MADE BACK IN July, Also my first attempt with premiere!]

    Based off of Final Fantasy 8, this video is THE BEST FF video I've ever had the pleasure of seeing or doing, I know i'm not just patting myself on the back when I say, you WILL enjoy this if you like Music videos of any type.

    The song is "Brick" by Ben folds, a soft popish song, it fit the footage so well there was no way I chould NOT do it.

    Spending 18 hours Ripping footage for this video was a pain in the ass, I won't lie, the 39 hours making it, and the 13 hours encoding it into a crisp clean 352 x 240 video was one hell of a task, but.. I promise you it was worth it, and it will be worth it for you to download, this is my BEST video ever... putting my other videos to shame at the mere sight of them ( i'm still sad the evagelion one turned out sooo..... crappy)...

    I really hope you give me reviews and grade this, because I put some MAJOR work into it, I hope you enjoy it ^_^...


    Virtual Dub 1.4
    Adobe Premiere Version 6.0
    Computer (AMD)
    Playstation (One) Final Fantasy 4 Disc Video Game
    Ben Folds Five (compact disc)

    Total hourage put into this video: around: 60 hours

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