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  • Member: Mally
  • Title: Sterling
  • Premiered: 2012-02-18
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    • The Knocks Dancing With The DJ (Mathew Sterling Remix)
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  • Comments: Well lets talk about this video .

    Ok. I had exams in January and was studying for them , then i decided to have a break .
    In this break I went on my subscriptions and clicked on a song . The song enlightened me and put many ideas in my head , making me really happy enough for myself to jump around and go crazy .

    So then i said MAN I NEED TO EDIT THIS .. BUT .. Anime what anime .

    So then i thought for a while a long while then i thought ook then lets put a video of my friend dancing what me and lorne were loving into a video. (LOTS OF DAMN THINKING NEEDED AND PLANNING BEFORE ANYTHING)

    So then i did so and was talking to lily at the time and she was like , ITS MY BIRTHDAY !
    I was like .. IM MAKING YOU A VIDEO .
    It came to her birthday then nothing solid was done .
    So i thought . Ok im not gona rush this, I'm going to take my time and do this !!!

    Which lead to this video being finished a month later .

    Mix mix what the hell SOOO MUCH STUFF !!!
    Yeah it was fun , interesting and got me hyped .

    Enough about me .
    Lily i really hope you like this one and blah *pokes* .
    If i hadn't commited making the video for you im really not sure if i would have had enough motivation to finish! *GO EDITING FOR PEOPLES* .
    Have a nice day !

    Happy(Late) Birthday YOU !!!
    And ima put up links and stuff for whoever who wants em soon !

    Niwa - Great guy only just met recently and in rl and he helped me alot in beta testing (NEED TO HUG HIM NEXT TIME I MEET HIM. HE SERIOUSLY HELPED ALOT *inwestfield* THAT CAFE THAT CAFE DAMMIT !!!)
    Jeff - As how could i not say thanks to him : )

    Also :
    Thanks to the music artists whose videos i have used in this video !
    Thanks to Nostromo allowing me permission to use clips of his video in mine
    Lastly Thanks to my close Friend James for Dancing at the beginning of the vid : )

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