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  • Member: FateTSC
  • Studio: FateTSC Production
  • Title: The Sound of the Forest
  • Premiered: 2012-02-12
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  • Song:
    • Two Steps From Hell Eyes Closing
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    AWARDS and Participation:
    Naru2u 2012 Runners-up BEST TECHNICAL (Canada)
    Tsunacon 2012 AMV competition Yokai Hayashi 1st Place Best Overall (The Netherlands)
    Tsunacon 2012 AMV competition Yokai Hayashi 2nd Place Best Technical
    Tsunacon 2012 AMV competition Yokai Hayashi 2nd Place Best Originality
    Tsunacon 2012 AMV competition Yokai Hayashi 2nd Place Public Choice

    After Abunai! 2011 Looking for Group and Nishicon 2011 Shoguns and Samurai I actually had some rest time in the month of November. I had nothing in my mind at that moment. When I was watching my older AMV entries I was place them together and watch them one by one what kind of Genre AMV's I've edited from the last 16 AMV competition I've participated I already edited a lot of Trailers, AMV Various and some few Trance music AMV's with a Magical girl Anime.

    After watch them all I still don't have clue what I want to do then I was watching my Anime DVD collection I had from few years ago around the 2007 till 2010 nothing special.

    But the next day I remember the day that I went to the Animation Festival 2009 in Utrecht (The Netherlands) when I was in the first year of my Audio Visual Animation Education. I went to Anime movie called Piano no Mori I was thinking why not this Anime movie cause this has a beautiful story and the Genre is very special so I decided to create a Anime Music Video with it.

    The Process:
    The source of the Anime movie was easy to found I already found it on Blue-ray 720p version. I've used Megui to encode it to MP4 the original file was MKV so I've decided to convert in to MP4 with a High GOP (Group of Pictures) the bleding field are OFF and less compression. Okay that was finished and the Source file was 2,45 GB file but he was MP4 that makes that I can import it on Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Next up the Storyboard since I had the Anime Movie in my mind what kind of story I want to tell I've started to do some research about how I can do the Atmosphere of the Anime to make sure that the public can remember the location of the Anime movie. Okay its a forest where a piano is standing a Wing Piano exactly. Okay so I've decided to draw a few shots and after that I know for sure that I can do this so the Storyboard was finished after 2 hours drawing on it.

    The Storyboard was finished so now for the 3D Modeling I did this will Cinema 4D R11.5 its a old version but I can work with it. The modeling was actually after 4 days with stops the 3D Animation was completed its a Forest with green grass and some few leaves on the ground and a beautiful water scenery with a night atmosphere.

    Next up another Animation work was the 2D Animation with leaves and trees to make it very dreamy and as well the Atmosphere of the Forest everything I had on my mind to make this so I've decided to make a butterfly so that I can pay attention to some aspect what kind of creatures can live in the Forest.

    Next up is the editing and composting process this was actually a big job to do I had 3 weeks left before the deadline so I had to make forward. The editing process was very cool to do since I really like masking what I as well did in my previous entry The War Must End from Nishicon 2011. I thought okay lets do this again since I really like masking. I was actually at the Christmas Holiday to mask 300 frames to make that every frame on detail has been masked.

    At the First and second Christmas day I've decided to take a break so those two days I had rest at a luxury hotel so NO AMV editing.

    Okay after two days rest I've decided to continue the masking I had 3 days left before it was January so I've decided to make it possible if the deadline can be moved to 7 January this will make the all the AMV editors in the Netherlands a better way to Tweak the AMV's. It helped the deadline was moved so I don't have to worry about anymore. Okay the Beta version was finished so I've decided to ask a few good friends of my Sander van den Boogaart (Also one of the Participant for the contest) and Kirsten to look at my AMV what they think about my AMV. Okay the beta version was also shown to Lydia (MarikoAMV) one of the best Female AMV editors of the Netherlands to also beta test them, and other few beta testers. Anyway I had some changes with my English Grammar so I've decided to do the tweaking.

    After some few tips and hints its FINALLY DONE and send it to the Video staff of the convention.

    After 7 January 2012 I had to wait 3 and a half week for the results.

    The contest was very long for my opinion they were 36 sign-ups this year which is very interesting to see the community growing they have 32 AMV's that too much they could actually do the first AMV's that didn't made the Finals then but at least to show them in the afternoon and then the rest of the Finalists doing at the evening that would be actually better.

    Appreciate also the AMV's that didn't made the FINAL 9 AMV's round.

    Once again Tsunacon 2012 Anime convention was a nice experience.
    And also congrats to the other AMV Winners
    Melissa Oliemeulen BEST TECHNICAL
    Serena Oliemeulen PUBLIC PRIZE
    As well the Originality Winner award and Best Collaboration.

    Hopefully that the Editors and the public can do this in future. Try not to harm the comments you give on the AMV editors I see that a lot in different Anime conventions if you don't like a AMV and you think its BAD don't try to say that in personal try too say more things about what a Editor can do better in the future it doesn't matter if you are a new editor or a experienced editor. Hopefully that the most people can use this in the future Anime Music Video Competition.

    And don't forget not always thinking of winning but try to see things what you can do better. Try to be at your own style find your own way of taste what kind of Genre you want to edit.

    Anime used: Piano no Mori (Piano Forest)
    Song Artist: Two Steps from Hell
    Song Title: Eyes closing
    Editor: Timmie Ng (FateTRSC)

    Programs used: Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5
    Adobe Soundbooth CS4
    Adobe After Effects CS5.5
    Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5
    Cinema 4D R11.5

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