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  • Member: TIGER M
  • Studio: TIGERM.NET
  • Title: What Is Love? - Kaleido Star HD
  • Premiered: 2012-02-11
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    • Haddaway What Is Love?
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    It had been in-cue for over a year, so I went ahead and decided to just take a day and GET TO IT! Got through with it too! =D I'm certain even the most staunch of critics will at least find a chuckle or giggle!
    Even if you're not into Anime Music Videos! XD

    The song is from the album "Ultimate Dance Party 1998" and became famous in North America in the late 90s much thanks to the success (and comedy! XD) found in the funny romantic drama film "A Night At The Roxbury" ( 1998 to be more precise! XD Coincidental this album came out the same year? =3 YOU be the judge! )

    Day At The "Birdbury" =3

    Don't ask how I happened to fall upon this "Bird Scene" either! XD
    While putting together the "WE Speak No Americano" AMV:

    There is ONLY 1 scene out of 54+ Episodes (saw OVAs! =3) of that anime and the bird shows up for...
    Like 10 seconds... that's all! The "head-tilt" sent me off to laughing and wanted to share the idea... so...
    There Ya Go! =3

    Um... Yah... I still don't get it Tiger... what does A Night At The Roxbury have to do with... a bird?

    Absolutely nothing. ^_^
    It's the head tilt. =)

    People simply referred to it as "The Head Thing" and "The Night At The Roxbury Dance" but honestly... I really don't even know if there is a name for the "dance" that suddenly became associated with the Haddaway hit "What Is Love?" The song for many reasons however I think is very fun to listen to! =)
    (Maybe because it's uptempo and not "whiney" like some songs on subjects like it usually are. =) unno!)
    The film apparently has inspired odd-ball junk like the "What Is Love" Tiger Toys parody of the hand-held game found in the opening of this video did last year:

    The scene from "A Night At The Roxbury" can be seen on YouTube right here! =D

    Because of several projects going on simultaneously, a great deal of time homage and leisure things like this one [yus! =3 AMV creation = Leisure time for TIGER M! ^_^ Passtime that includes two passions -- music -- and anime! =) are becoming more sparse I understand and realize. Sorry about that. =3
    Balancing time the best I can. =) Only 24 hours in each day. ^_^ The next one planned is "Happiness" by "HURTS"
    [Hint... it's about "Leon Oswald's" personality and "Sora's" relationship to his "Cold Shoulder" =3]

    Thank YOU So very much for watching! ^_^
    Take care and thank you for your support and kindness! =D

    Love And Peace Through Art! ^_^

    Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
    (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
    - Writer, Artist, Musician, DJ, Eternal Student & Being of Existence,
    -WAM! TIGER M [GET-UP! SATURDAY! ~ ~! / ~]
    -6:44 PM (2/12/2012) (( U.S. President Abraham Lincoln's Birthday 2012! =D ))
    [Eastern Standard Time, North-of-Equator]

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