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  • Member: TrufflePigStudios
  • Studio: Truffle Pig Studios
  • Title: Nevermore
  • Premiered: 2012-02-12
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  • Songs:
    • Edgar Allan Poe The Raven (poem)
    • Ewan Mcgregor Jose Feliciano Jacek Koman El Tango de Roxanne
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  • Comments: After months of editing, I am proud to finally be able to present you with the newest AMV by Truffle Pig Studios! :P

    A giant thank-you to my awesome beta testers:

    WarlikeSwans and Olores Bellicose- without your awesome input the final result of this amv would have been very different! Thank-you for your amazing attention to detail and your
    insightful suggestions!

    Nekoneko3- for watching this video at almost every stage of production and giving awesome feedback throughout!

    Alexandria R.- For never letting me be lazy by picking out all the minor flaws I hoped nobody would notice so I would fix them :P

    Aeri - For such an awesomely detailed beta analysis and for bringing to my attention all the minor flaws I didn't even notice!

    TritioAFB, zibbazabba905, advent87, and OtakuForLife for taking the time to watch and give feedback!


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