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  • Member: JustKeiko
  • Title: Kenshin Himura - TV Series Season 1 Trailer
  • Premiered: 2012-01-31
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    • Noriyuki Asakura Kenshin's Battle Mode
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  • Comments: I wanted to try creating a trailer for the TV series and then I realized I didnít even know where to start! I didnít realize how different all the trailers are. Itís definitely different from music videos.

    So what I ended up with are 3 different trailers for season one...all done with different styles.

    This is the second of three and it was the hardest for me. I tried to keep to 30 seconds but couldn't...but it is under a minute.

    "Himura Kenshin" tries to give you a glimpse into the man and what Season 1 covers.

    And since theyíre all so different, I decided to upload them separately.

    I used Final Cut Pro 7.0 to edit this and nothing else.

    As always, I welcome opinions, criticism, etc. while I try to learn and expand on the projects that I do.

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