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  • Member: AimoAio
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: You're Too Cute
  • Premiered: 2012-01-27
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  • Song:
    • NeverShoutNever Can't Stand It
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    Forum Announcement Thread

    Probably the longest and most tedious project I have ever worked on. x__x

    I started this in May 2011, completed 95% of it by August, went on break for a good few months, then added the missing beat sync in December 2011, touched up on a few more spots so finally being able to release this in January 2012.

    The cleaning almost made me cry. Like seriously, those lovely sparkles and bubbles look great on the page....but cleaning them from the character = HELL. And since most of the nice scans had huge text bubbles over them, I had to remove the bubbles, redraw the missing part THEN clone the patterns back in. OH GOD. THE PATTERNS. Shoujo manga have too many patterns, cloning patterns is a LOT harder than cleaning white/black patches. Dx So yeah...I probably spent longer cleaning scans than editing the video itself. And then there's also my pitiful colouring.....

    ANYWAY. I first had this idea back in May of last year when I asked Fishy for some songs she liked so I could use one for her birthday (except I picked another song in the end, oh well XD) and she gave me this. At that time I was reading Hiyokoi and I loved it for being so damn cute.

    Thus this video was born.

    The End.

    P.S. The phone scene is fake. Courtesy of my photo-manipulation skills LOL. ;D

    P.P.S. Yes I know the text effects are noob-ish but hey I made this last year and back then I thought it looked pretty awesome. XD And I didn't feel like changing it either because I felt like it would destroy the image I had for this video previously.

    And also because I was lazy. XD

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