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  • Title: Lost Dreams
  • Premiered: 2012-01-26
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    • Tommy Heavenly6 Lost my pieces
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  • Comments: I know, there already is an amv like this. I just re-made it after have improved (or I hope so) my editing skills. The original was made for a little contest and I haven't developed it very well, now I've retried and I'm a little more satisfied of the results. :3

    Translated Lyrics:

    I Lost my pieces
    Falling into Star dust
    Falls like rain

    Why are they leaving me?
    They betray everything
    I thought that's forever...
    Everything disappears, yes, everything

    * I had a dream so... in my dream
    Under the star light, baby...
    I'll say goodbye to you... ok?
    everything is just a dream
    so... When I wake up
    I loose you from my head
    ...oh yeah

    I don't remember you
    when I see you in down town

    Where are my pieces?
    No matter where I go,
    I [feel] choked
    and constrained
    I can't bear it

    *1 repeat

    My tears pour down
    The irritating bell echoes
    God, don't leave me behind

    *2 I don't remember you
    When I see you in heaven
    (I Lost my pieces...
    Falling into star dust
    Where are my pieces...?
    It's gorgeous nightmare!)

    I had a dream, so... in my dream
    Under the star light, baby...
    I destroy it
    You were everything
    But my eyes are already open

    *1, *2 repeat

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