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  • Member: Emong
  • Title: Alice
  • Premiered: 2012-01-24
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    • ayria Blue Alice
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    This is my comeback AMV! It's been years since I edited "Gothic Poetry" and I'm quite excited about this. I knew I wanted to edit to one of my favourite artists to keep up my motivation and one can never go wrong with Ayria. To be honest I selected Vampire Knight purely for its aesthetic quality: it is dark and feminine, and therefore a perfect match with Ayria's music.

    The Story

    It's quite simple what I tried to do here. The song is a dark depiction of Alice in Wonderland and I picked Yuki from Vampire Knight as the central character of the AMV. It is her slow downward spiral into the world of vampires. My focus was on the form rather than a continuous linear narrative. There is one beneath it all but I wanted to approach the AMV from the viewpoint of antagonisms and contradictions: there are external ones (the AMV really shows quite a lot of the "bad guys" from the anime) and most importantly internal ones, namely Yuuki's struggle with Zero and Kaname and her own traumatic past.

    The Sync and the Effects

    This project was a sync-to-everything project from the very beginning. I wanted to bring forth the lyrics with masking (the first time Emong ever did proper character masking...) and keep the beat sync mainly on the background. It surfaces properly during the instrumental sections of the song. It's very intense at times, in fact so much that it's difficult to see what's going on, but I did the best I could to keep it looking good.

    During editing I noticed the Vampire Knight footage on its own looks actually quite bad and I used a lot of simple contrast and brightness effects to increase the depth of the images. I also had a sort of color palette, which consisted of darker tones, blood red and hints of blue here and there. I also used a lot of interlacing effects as I felt it was appropriate for electronic music. However, all of my effects were strictly limited to Vegas.

    I've got nothing else to add, expect a thank you to all my lovely beta testers :) I hope you enjoy the video!

    Ayria - Blue Alice

    I hope I'm dreaming, 'cause this can't be awake
    I hope I'm dead, just for my sake
    Who knew all this would come, from a dirty gun
    Son of a bitch who thought he was a cowboy
    The mad hatter bashes your face again
    Look into his eyes to see where evil lives
    Bullet through window, and down the rabbit hole
    This is one fucked up fairy tale

    Hey you! Black and blue,
    Don't end up like Alice
    Hey you! Black and blue,
    Watch out, you'll end up like Alice

    You'll get what's coming, you and your children
    The wicked witch has OD'ed on pills again
    And the Dragon, lights up a cigarette
    He's blowing smoke right into your face again
    It's off with her head, her snakes are seething
    The big bad wolf is rabid and teething
    Bullet through window, and down the rabbit hole
    This is one fucked up fairy tale

    Little pig, little pig
    Put her down
    She's slapped around, choked and drowned

    You can find Ayria here.

    At the time of writing this she is in the process of releasing a new album ;)

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