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  • Member: lotus_blossom
  • Title: Red Insanity
  • Premiered: 2012-01-14
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  • Songs:
    • RTPN Unnamed
    • t+pazolite to Luv me I ---- for u.
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Another new horror anime music video! This video features a mix of several horror series using the songs "Unnamed" by RTPN and "To Luv You...I__For U" by T+Pazolite which works better with the video. To be more accurate, this is considered a remake of my video "Red Moonlight". After I read the comments about my "Red Moonlight" and "Red Moonlight (Version 2)" videos, I decided to remake it and decided to change the name to "Red Insanity" because it's more accurate when watching the characters' actions.

    For the remake, I deleted the "Black Rock Shooter" scenes because they didn't really work with the video title. I also changed one of the songs for the video. The new song works better than the previous song because it matches the video's content. To make the video work with its title and its music, I added new clips from other horror series I've seen.

    Because the video has lots of blood and disturbing images, viewer discretion is strongly advised. Enjoy! Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Which do you like better?


    Software used:
    Virtual Dub
    Power Director Express
    Windows Movie Maker Vista

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