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  • Members: msanogi, madaspy
  • Studio: @ Productions
  • Title: A Visual Commentary of the metaphysical existence of Shinji Ikari... or a few too many Rockstars
  • Premiered: 2012-02-17
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    • Skrillex First of the Year: Equinox
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  • Comments: This was a fun one for us.

    The footage for 1.11 and 2.22 is absolutely gorgeous and lends itself well to being manipulated. The video is edited completely in After Effects, not because we're stupid, but because it is HUGELY EFFECTS HEAVY. We added in lens flares, glitches, camera shake, zooming, and panning. We also did a little bit of rotoscoping and some obligatory time remapping. If you haven't seen the new EVA it may be difficult to tell what was added, but please believe, we put a lot of love into this one.

    Originally we had planned to submit this video into the "action" category, as when we started the process we wanted it to center around the physical struggles that Shinji was going through as he dealt with issues of his father and the fate of those around him. However, about halfway through the process we realized there just were not going to be enough battle footage in 1.11 and 2.22 to sustain the original idea. Thus the reason why it is in the drama category as well (and only drama for contests). When everything was said and done we felt like what we had portrayed in this video was the emotional and psychological struggle between Shinji and his father, using what little action there was as a jumping point for this new story line.

    Short but sweet, a tasty visual treat. Please enjoy the video!

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