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  • Member: StarTrinity009
  • Studio: PixelBlended Studios
  • Title: バニー☆ラブ (Bunny Love)
  • Premiered: 2012-01-01
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    • Nat King Cole LOVE
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    Bunny Love

    I actually don't have that much to say about this one. After watching Usagi Drop, I just HAD to make a video with it. The series was so well done and so sweet. It is now certainly one of my favorites. It's kinda funny, but I'm always a big sucker for anything involving unlikely relationships. If those relationships involve adoption or tutelage, I'm an even bigger sucker. So... Bunny Love was going to happen one way or another. As far as the song choice, it was the first song that popped into my head when I was thinking about Usagi Drop. As kids, my cousin and I used to sing this song duet-style, so it brings back fond childhood memories. Oddly enough, I thought the song fit the anime very well, and it gave me another opportunity to show something in a new light. In my last video, R.O.L.L!, I showed my source footage in a new light. In this video, I wanted to show the song in a new light. This song is a love ballad, but it doesn't have to be for only romantic couples. It can be for the unlikely couple too.
    Also, just to be clear, this video is to be interpreted through the context of the anime only. After making this video, I heard some things about the manga version that may distort the meaning of my video. Please just keep this in mind.
    Anime: Usagi Drop
    Song: "L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole
    Time Frame: December 16, 2011 - January 1, 2012
    Program: Sony Vegas Pro 10.0
    Contest History
    Katsucon 18 (2012) AMV Contest - Best Romance/Sentimental
    Ichibancon 2012 AMV Contest - Non-competitive entry
    Anime Milwaukee 2012 AMV Contest - Best Romance
    Wai-con (Waimv) 2012 AMV Contest - Drama/Romance Honorable Mention
    Kawaii Kon 2012 Video Art Contest (KK-VAST) - Finalist
    Anime Salt Lake 2012 AMV Contest - Best Romance + Judge's Most Entertaining
    Tekkoshocon X 2012 AMV Contest - Drama Finalist
    CNUCon 2012 AMV Contest - Best Romance/Sentimental
    Anime Mid Atlantic 12 (2012) AMV Contest - Best Romance/Sentimental
    Animazement 2012 AMV Contest - Best Romance
    Seishun-Con 2012 AMV Contest - Romance/Sentimental Finalist

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