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  • Member: The -1
  • Studio: The -1 Productions
  • Title: Scary Dragon & Nice BallZ
  • Premiered: 2011-12-28
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  • Song:
    • Skrillex Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Dirtyphonics Remix)
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  • Comments: I'm actually a little excited about getting this project done before the New Year came. I was literally VERY bored and wanted to just make a simple AMV using After Effects for once. To my surprise, I did that and then some, unfortunately it was NOT that simple an AMV to put together. I decided to limit my footage options to using only the first four DBZ movies (figured if I get bored again, I'll use some of the other later titles). That was challenge #1 (not hard at all (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!)), as for challenge #2, I used a Dubstep/Brostep song made by Skrillex; remixed by Skrillex (how convenient & a little difficult to get started on). My third challenge was NOT the editing or using the effects (although it WAS pain in the ass at times; still learning) but the damn file size it keep ending up as when everything was all said and done. I had to play around with my MP4 converter for two days (mind you, I work long hours, and the encoding process took at least two hours every time something didn't come out right or the file size was still WAY too large for my tastes). But after a little deliberation, some patience, and elbow grease (really?), I successfully managed to get the video to the size I wanted it at, and still got to keep a mass majority of the quality that had so much faith in during the entire time. So do enjoy this, and Merry New Year ^__^

    (Yeah, I said Merry, to hell with what you think LOL)

    *I would also like to make a very valid point that even though this song itself is only a remix by Dirtyphonics, I will not label them as the primary artist to this song. The original version of this song was made and mixed by Skrillex first AND THEN Dirtyphonics made their own remixed version of the same song. To be fair, I did give credit to where credit is due, and in no way am I opting out of mentioning on who did what.*

    If you wish to view it on YouTube, and possibly rate, comment, or even subscribe, that'd be fine too, but I still recommend you download it. ^__^

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