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  • Member: JadeCharm
  • Title: Fame ✩
  • Premiered: 2011-12-16
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    • Backstreet Boys Larger Than Life
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    Akross 2011:
    My participation in Akross this year was very very spontaneous. About a month before the deadline I decided that I want to participate because I heard from a friend that he would maybe participate (in the end he didn't). It seemed to be interesting and I didn't participate in any other contests than Connichi and VCAs yet.
    Gladly I had the idea for this video before and it seemed to be perfect because it wasn't so much effort to edit it and the time left before the deadline was very short. And so I started editing (and finished editing a few hours before the deadline).

    In the end I'm very happy with the results of the contest. I got a very good place compared to the short time I had left to edit this.
    Results for this video:

    #29 Best Video
    #3 Best Dance
    #19 Best Original Concept
    #36 Best Technical Work
    #38 Best Design Of Visual Effects (?? where are the visual effects ??)
    #22 Best Presentation / Design

    Thanks to everyone who voted for me!!!

    About the video
    I think it's the best Lipsynch I have done so far. Also I tried to put a little choreo in it so that not only the lips match perfectly but also the boys movements fit the song. Try to put attention to that :3

    I experienced so far that the video especially is popular with girls. But if you are a boy I think you could also like it.

    And I experienced that some people think that it is gay. Maybe it is...but just a little bit!!!!

    BSBs are great! ...have been great!

    Have fun!

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