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  • Member: WilLoW :--)
  • Studio: Atvaark
  • Title: DDR Project 3 (4th Mix) - Track 49 - If you were Here (Jennifer)
  • Premiered: 2003-09-26
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  • Song:
    • Jennifer If you were here
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  • Comments: This is my contribution to the 3rd DDR Project.
    First I want to thank Hsien for having chosen me, I'm really proud to be part of this project.

    Now for the video.
    The song is If you were here by Jennifer, and this is one of my favorites in the mix (by the way, the 4th mix is even better than the 2 others that were used for DDR1 and DDR2 :).
    Well, it is a dance song with lyrics about love -_-

    At the beginning I wanted to do this AMV with Love Hina, but I thought that this Anime was over used, then Spirited Away came to my mind...After a bit of thought, I had scenes of the Anime that matched the lyrics perfectly.

    This is my video with the most effects (but not so much effects, in fact...). There are lots of references to the DDR game (combos, arrows, etc...), and I hope you'll find it fun. The arrows are a personal version, based on stepmania's arrows that I slightly modified.
    I've tried to match the scenes with the lyrics and to synch to the beat as often as possible.

    In this video, you'll see that Chihiro is a DDR Master :)
    Yet all the effects might look poor compared to other great DDR 3 videos (Aluminum, Kusoyaro, Trythil,...), so all the force of this amv lies in the lyrics and the action.

    Anyway, this track is only 1:16 long, and the pace is quite good (average speed of each clip : 250 % :) , I think you'll like it !

    Oh, and of course it's better I think if you can watch the whole project rather than a single video...

    Please take the time to write a review...but don't say that I cut the song at the wrong moment, or that my intro sucks (even if it does :) )...This is the DDR project, we do not choose where the audio stops, and we don't need to make sophisticated intros as they are likely to be removed when the transition with the previous track is done :)
    Well, OK, unless my intro really sucks ?

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