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  • Member: MrPsycohed
  • Studio: Giant X
  • Title: Toobular Boobular Anime
  • Premiered: 2003-06-08
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    • Mystery Science Theater 3000 Toobular Boobular Joy
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  • Comments: Whew, I'm glad that's over. You're lookin at Giant X's *counts on fingers* eighth AMV! I wanted to do something special for this one because, well, the musical source belongs to a show that's very very dear to me. Plus, I like to keep pushing myself. Someday, dammit, I'm gunna make people stop and think "Say, that Giant X makes some mighty fine AMVs". And then, the world will BE MINE!!! MUAAHAAHAHA!!! BUAHAAAAA!

    . . .anyway. On to the technobabble. Wow. This has been the single biggest pain in the ass video yet (but I guess that just means I'm pushing myself further, right? Right??). Why? Two simple reasons. Number one: It's a various. And Number two: That god forsaken bouncing ball! I'll start withthe various aspect first.

    Footage. Lots and lots of source footage. This isn't by any means my longest video (afterall, it clocks in at just over a minute-twenty), but it's a various that utilized some 25+ differet series. This ment gobs and gobs of .vobs sitting on my hard drive. This also ment Premiere kept choking when I switched from using low quality AVIs to the .avs scripts to export the final vid (BTW, thank you, good ol' E&A AMV Guide! I wouldn't be this far without ya! ^_^x). II kept running out of mem for the damn thing (which will happen when you have three video tracks running on top of one another). So what I ended up doing was exporting the video from Premiere in two parts, a first and second half. I recombined them for the final cut in Virtualdub later with an .avs script. (though that was but one part of a larger script). Of course, it took me three hours to figure this out, and even then I screwed up the process and had to learn the Clip script line for the .avs, but that's not important. Atleast, the audio
    worked flawlessly.

    Now the second bugger: the ball. That ball. I hate that ball, I truly truly do. You'll understand why after you read:

    MrPsycohed's Guide to Painfully and Slowly Adding A Bounding Ball Effect in Premiere!

    Video track 1 has all my footage. Video track 2, the lyric titles. These work beautifully together and would be great pals had they not had to interact with video track three, the ball track. To get the ball, I created an image in Photoshop of the yellow ball on a pure green background. In Premiere, I set the transparency on the ball image so that the green would show the video underneath it (video 1 and 2). Then, using the Motion function, trial and error, my incredible sense of rythm, and a whole lot of grit, I set a path for the ball image one beat at a time. It sucked. It sucked A LOT. It sucked more than anything I've ever done for a video. It didn't come out nearly as nice as I would like, either, but I was really flying blind on how to do this. But it workes, and it's done, and I don't think I'll ever do it again. Doing it for a minute worth of song SUCKED. Doing it for more would be be a truly Herculean effort.

    What's that, you say? Why didn't I just use Adobe After Effects? Cause I couldn't get it to do what I wanted to the titles. See, I wanted the titles to scroll in from right,, pause, and scroll out to left. In Premiere, this is very very easy. In After Effects, I couldn't even get the damn text to fit correctly on the screen. Basically, it was hard so I gave up. ^_^x

    If the keen among you may notice that I didn't compress the audio for this video. Why? Cause when I tried, the audio would always get ahead of the footage at a certain place in the vid, totally buggering the timing. So, I said "screw it" and took the extra ten meg hit to the size of the file.

    Oh, and finally, you'll notice that I kinda fudged a lyric. You see, I have no idea at ALL what Servo sings at that part, so I stuck in the question marks as a place holder. After several listen throughs and much time spent looking around MST3K sites to find the line, I gave up. Besides, I didn't feel the video was quite goofy enough. ^_^x

    And now, without further ado (or rather, without further rambling. . .) . . .
    ***Fun Facts!***
    -This is the first Giant X Sing-A-Long!
    -This is the last Giant X Sing-A-Long! You couldn't pay me enough money to trudge though hell like that again. . . well. . .maybe. . . hmm. . .
    -29 different series were utilized in making this video, though originally 30 was planned. I had trouble with my Amazing Nurse Nanako DVDs, so she ended up being cut and the Hyper Dolls footage extended to fill the gap.
    -It took JUST under a week to put he whole thing together. Since I'm a freelance graphics artist (read: out of a job) I spent the better part of my days on it, so I effectivly became a full-time AMV maker that week (with occasional .hack//Infection and Arc the Lad breaks)
    -Interestingly, the most time consuming part of it all was gathering footage. And not looking for it so much as just fireing up, ripping, and indexing DVDs and .vobs .
    -This video is incredibly gratuitious. That's why I included an appropriate stinger ot the end.
    -Oh, that reminds me, this is the first time a Giant X video has a stinger on the end. It will no doubt not be the last.
    -This video has both my favortie anime movie AND the anime version of my favorite manga! They are Otaku no Video and Gunsmith Cats, respectivly.
    -Speaking of which. . .wondering who all I used? What follows is a list of characters and their matching series in the order that they appear in the video (WARNING! THE FOLLOWING LIST WILL SPOIL THE VIDEO A BIT! The "cast" list is here for those who have seen the video and want to know who all was in it):

    Xellos, Gourry, and Zelgadis - Slayers Next
    Kei - Dirty Pair
    President - Goldenboy
    Kaoru and Ai - Ai Yori Aoshi
    Mew - Hyper Dolls
    Faye - Cowboy Bebop
    Kasumi - Hand Maid May
    (from left to right)Becky, Mae, and Rally - Gunsmith Cats
    Miren - Samurai: Hunt for the Sword
    A nameless lackey - Vandread
    Matsuri and a nameless lackey - Ninja Cadets
    Cocoa and Parfait - Knights of Ramune
    Dominique the Cyclops - Trigun
    Naru and Keitaro - Love Hina
    A-Ko - Project A-Ko: Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group
    Cheyenne and Mirabelle- Wild Arms
    Kime - Blue Seed
    Ani Puma nd Una Puma - Dominion Tank Police
    Fuko and Tofukuji - I My Me! Straberry Eggs!
    Lina and Noonsa - Slayers
    Fujiko - Lupin III: Secret of the Twilight Gemini
    Harumi - Irresponsible Captian Tylor
    Priss - Bubblegum Crisis
    D and the Snake Sisters - Vampire Hunter D
    Nomura - Great Teacher Onizuka
    Daisy - Don't Leave Me Alone Daisy
    Guni - Nightwalker
    Misty May- Otaku no Video
    Mokona - Magic Knight Rayearth

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