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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: Project Org Editor 2011 Round 5
  • Premiered: 2011-12-23
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    • Sarah Brightman Eden
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  • Comments: This was going to be my video for Round 5 of Project Org Editor 2011 but I ended up going to bed early the night of the deadline thinking I had an extra day to edit. Turned out, when I woke up, I did not have an extra day so I was kicked out. I was in a good position to make it to the final round too. Oh well, such is life.

    The theme for this round was as follows:

    "For this fifth round of competition, you will be re-creating a "award-winning" AMV, while putting your own spin on it. When I say "award winning", I mean an AMV that has been featured in the JCA/VCA awards, or has been in the top 10 of the top 10% videos. While not ALL the greatest videos of all time may be featured here, it's an excellent place to gather inspiration from.

    Example Video: This video displays a great parody/re-imagining of its original video [A VCA winner], while showing the author's own personal style inside of it.

    Please note that the AMV you create does not necessarily have to be a parody, although you are more than free to do so."

    This was another terrible theme IMO but, again, whatever. I decided to go with an older video I liked a lot, "Eden" by Nicole Barrs. This video won Best Drama in the 2002 VCAs and I figured it would be obscure enough that most people probably wouldn't use it. I used Gurren Lagann because I had it ripped already and didn't really have any time due to work to do source prep. This worked out alright but I ended up hitting a wall on my day of editing which left me with a lot to do. As mentioned earlier, I thought I had an extra day so I thought I would have about 3 days of editing but it was really only 2 D: Most of the video had been completed but there were some sizable gaps all around.

    I decided that I would finish the video after the incident but I didn't have much motivation until recently. I finally decided to open the project and ended up finishing the rest of the video in a day. The text at the end is to pay a little homage to the original video (in style at least) but it also brings up a good moral and self encouraging message the show tried to convey: believe in yourself to the fullest. The text itself is a paraphrase based on a line Kamina says to Simon: "Believe in yourself. Not in the Simon I believe, not in the Kamina you believe in. Have faith in the Simon you believe in." So, based on that I wanted the video to be about, straight from the start, life's hardships and believing in one's self enough that you can overcome them no matter what's thrown at you.

    Anyway, the video isn't amazing or something I would normal do but I wanted to to at least finish the video.

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