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  • Member: Otohiko
  • Title: Dangerous Curves
  • Premiered: 2003-06-07
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  • Song:
    • King Crimson Dangerous Curves
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  • Comments: Encoded with DivX 5.05
    Length: 6:42

    Creator's Recommendation:TURN THE VOLUME UP!


    If you are not hearing the eerie soundscape notes in the beginning, you'll be really missing out on the aural assault that the soundtrack provides...

    This is the first-ever AMV done to the music of a legendary yet never-aging band - King Crimson. And my, I hope it proves to be a worthy entry.

    The track is a 6-minute rising action ride, with a slightly redundant though unusual beat and an (un)pleasant surprise that needs not be spoiled - and works well for the dramatic footage of Initial D.

    However, the main attraction of the music piece is its' creative use of percussion effects in unexpected places. So, instead of just going with the beat, I made this vid with the intention to have the main point of orientation variate between the many layers of Dangerous Curves, and I hope a careful viewer notices this well. The layers are many: low-end bass drum loops, mid-level drum loops, cymbal loops, regular drumming, analog percussive effects (metal strips, plastic water bottles, loose cymbals), digital percussive effects, the soundscape (eerie synth notes in the background actually produced by a guitar processed via a series of digital loop-delay units), the rhythm guitar and the bass. The visual goes with each of the above at one point or other, hopefully this works well.

    The track had impressed me live (yes, live in all its' glory!), and this live experience was indeed my primary inspiration.

    I think Initial D needs no introduction, but just in case - it is an anime about streetracing that makes extensive (and may I say excellent) use of limited 3D graphics to render it's action-filled racing scenes.

    There are many characters in Initial D - yet one often seems overlooked despite being the most prominent... yes, the silent, almost faceless character - the track with its' twists and turns (thus, in a way, this is a character video). Night after night, Mount Akina sees mastery of the road, excitement of competition and pain of failure...

    Exploring the darker side of road racing, I hope this vid makes for some good watching


    And, to those worried about spoilers - no need, it only uses footage from the first 4 eps., remixed extensively, so... well, unless you're THAT paranoid...

    So, strap in and ride the Dangerous Curves!

    (Itsuki's voice in the background: It's not CURVE it's CORNER!!!! @_@)



    Concept and Editing: Otohiko (me)
    Editing help, compression and quality assurance - Cless-R34 (my brother)

    Musicians featured on track:

    Adrian Belew - Rhythm guitar
    Robert Fripp - Soundscape guitar
    Trey Gunn - Warr guitar (a touch-guitar with the range of a piano, used here for bass)
    Pat Mastelotto - Traps and buttons (drums, drum loops, beat boxes, digital and analog percussion)

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