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  • Member: MycathatesyouAMV
  • Title: Vanished Souls
  • Premiered: 2011-11-26
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    • Paramore Misguided Ghosts
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  • Comments: AMV Analysis:
    This video might be a bit more understandable if you've seen Angel Beats. Otherwise, the main concept was to show the characters moving along from their pasts that haunted them. After the firestarter of clips, the main character Otonashi wakes up in a new world after being accidentally killed in life. He befriends many others in the world. Along with him, they all share tragedies in their old lives. Through out the video an angel is trying to force the characters to move on and let go of the past. At the end of the video Otonashi comes to peace with the angel, and persuades his friends to move on and let go of their pasts, so that they can proceed to live a new life again in the real world.
    I tried to showcase a very mellow editing style for the video as I felt that's what would match best with the song's mood and tone.

    Programs Used:
    Sony Vegas 8

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