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  • Member: NovusVox
  • Title: (Self)ish
  • Premiered: 2011-12-17
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    • A Perfect Circle The Package
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  • Comments: Here it is. Finally finished. If you're looking for a story, try not to. I went more fore mood and feel than a coherent story.
    If you must have some semblance of a story, here's how I explained it in an MSN conversation:
    "it gets more abstract with the whole Guts/Caska relationship
    like the song is saying, "lie to get what I came for, lie to get what I need now"
    which doesn't describe them in the show
    but in the later parts of the manga, it absolutely does in a way
    when Guts finally sees the woman he loved all those years ago, he basically rapes her out of his hatred for Griffith and the fact that Griffith rapes her at the end of the show
    and because of Griffith he was seperated from her for so long
    with Griffith, that basically is what he does in the show
    lie and scheme for his own gain"

    I'd like to thank 2 enormous inspirations on this particular video and my editing in general: Beowulf and Wonka. Beowulf for Dead To The World (The Story of the Antichrist) and Wonka for Die For Me. I'd also like to thank my beta testers on Youtube and Jeff who probably tested me the most on this project and him and John really pushed me to finish. Thanks you guys.

    Hope it's enjoyed by all,


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