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  • Member: hfp_creators
  • Studio: Hot Fudge Productions
  • Title: HFP_Invincible (Hot Fudge Productions)
  • Premiered: 2000-01-01
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  • Song:
    • Pat Benetar Invincible
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  • Comments: Contrary to the information in the previous proxy listing, Hot Fudge Productions is not a fanfic group involved with Gundam Wing fanfics. In fact, we're not a fanfic group at all - we're a music video group. We believe this misconception came about when someone tried to do a search prior to our webpage going online and found a fanfic that makes reference to our video.

    Invincible was a first for us in may ways: our first anime music video, our first full-length music video, and our first exploration of the wonders of computer editting. We used Avid Cinema for both capture and editting, and while this was a very friendly program to introduce us to making videos on the computer, it did have several issues with keeping the timing tight. Even the final version of the video has timing that is slightly off, especially towards the second half - this was simply the best the program, and therefore we, could do at the time. We have plans to redo Invincible on new software sometime in the future in order to fix this problem.

    Winner: Best Action, Anime Weekend Atlanta 6
    Finalist: Anime Expo 2000

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