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  • Member: whispersreloaded
  • Studio: Asylum Studios
  • Title: His Wings [RE-VISIONED]
  • Premiered: 2011-12-13
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    • nakajima megumi What 'Bout My Star? @ Formo
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    This is a remake of my "His Wings" AMV that I made back in 2008. It's been completely re-designed using the complete footage of the Macross Frontier series and movies, set to my favorite song from MF, Ranka Lee's version of "What 'Bout My Star". I really tried to focus on building a better story this time than I originally did. Essentially, I was trying to tell Ranka's side of the story about the infamous love triangle. I made an effort to incorporate more Sheryl than I originally did, and over all, I think this AMV has greatly improved on it's predecessor! ^^

    Be sure to watch with both headphones IN! Because it is a duet, you will only hear one of the girls if you leave a headphone out!

    You can watch the original version here.

    Because YT is being a jerk, there is no upload available there. However, I have uploaded a version to DM that can be viewed here.

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