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  • Member: SeNniN
  • Studio: Dark Prodigy Studios
  • Title: Slayer
  • Premiered: 2011-12-03
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    • The Glitch Mob Animus Vox
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    After reviewing all the comments left by few people on here, I just felt that I should write a little something here since there's no way for me to reply to them. There have been complaints from viewers about the sync not being there, or the scene selection being off with how the song placing is at times through out. Before I say anything, I respect all of your opinions, and but like I said I just felt like I should write something.

    Personally this is actually one of my favorite from all the amv's I've created, so far, and it sucks that this gets probably bash the most out of all, but there are those who appreciate it, and are able to see what I was trying to go for here.

    There's nothing wrong if you don't get the sync, or you just find it total crap, that's your opinion. I don't think there's anything wrong in that.
    Someone was nice enough to leave a really short comment, that was just skips right to the point.
    (2012-01-31 17:03:16 - shit) lol.. no hard feelings, I appreciate this guys honesty.

    2012-08-19 04:26:33
    Choice of scenes has little to no relation to the flow or mood of the song e.g. action scenes paired with the slow opening, etc.

    The opening being labeled as action is rather a bit far-fetched. It's kind of slow for action, but the real purpose it actually serves is to show the past of kenshin, and how he lost everyone. I think my pacing with the song was there, I did try my best to sync to pretty much every little sound there was with internal and external sync. There are some people that probably didn't see much, and I would recommend watching it with headphones on, so you can pick up on those sounds beats that you may have missed the first time around.

    2012-01-06 03:17:35 5/5 here. - Maniaki

    Finally someone who actually understands my work!

    2011-12-12 17:16:17
    Needed more sync and a slightly better concept in terms of the ending.

    As for the sync I've already explained that part above, and as far as the story goes, I wont entirely disagree on that. This was my first ever attempt at making something with a story, so if I have failed on that in some parts, that's okay. But, here's a little summary of the story that I was going for here.

    Plot Summary
    -There's a flash-back of Hiko Seij attacking kenshin's villiage and killing everyone except him. Leaving him behind to suffer.
    -The story shift to present where Kenshin is shown making a cut on his face, which serves as a symbol of his revenge against Hiko.
    -Kenshin is shown slaying those that were responsible for attacking the village, and work for Hiko Seijūrō.
    -Kenshin meets Yukishiro Tomoe, and falls in love with her, and she tries to stop him from killing others, but kenshin hatred is stronger than his love for Yukishiro Tomoe, and he breaks free from it, and continues slaying those that were responsible for the attack on his villiage.
    -He finally tracks down Hiko Seijūrō, and slays him. As kenshins blade pierces through Hiko the cut on kenshin's face opens up, and bleeds as he is finally able to take revenge for his people. But in doing so, Kenshin loses him self.

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