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  • Member: Kosmit
  • Studio: AMP
  • Title: Japanese People Flacking
  • Premiered: 2011-12-01
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    • Young People Fucking Trailer audio
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  • Comments: Some time ago I stumbled upon Canadian movie Young People Fucking. I thought an AMV trailer for it could be pretty cool. So I found the trailer on YouTube. What stuck with me was the “You need to get laid! Very, very badly!” line, which was luckily present in the trailer. I thought it would go well when said by Asuka (from Evangelion) to Shinji. Fast forward a few months and the AkrossCon 2011 happens. I wanted to participate in the contest at least once since I’ve started editing 2 years ago, so I decided I’d do it this year. And so, because of a me seriously lacking any better ideas, this trailer happened. Also, as you might have noticed, Evangelion is not used in it. The reason for that is very simple – Evangelion did not have nearly enough fitting scenes to use.
    Anyways, the creation of this trailer has not been the best of editing experiences for me, mainly because the more I edited, the more nagging flaws I saw.
    First of all, this is a trailer. As such, it should (theoretically) use only one anime source. Good luck with that when it comes to a movie with five sets of character pairings. Using only one series was simply not an option. I had to use several – and ended up with five. Five different animes, each with a slightly different style and character design. It doesn’t exactly mesh together all that well in what’s supposed to be an advertisement for a single movie, now does it?
    Text is the second problem. There’s quite a lot of it here and there’s even more in the original trailer. I removed some of it, but somehow I couldn’t find suitable scenes to get rid of the text all together. I don’t think it looks bad, it’s just that it breaks the flow of the video a bit.
    Last but not least, I got the feeling that I was a bit limited by the audio. In a traditional AMV, you can pretty much do whatever you damn please. In a trailer, especially a dialogue heavy one... not so much. The audio forces you to go in a specific direction, that more or less fits the original movie. Also, all the jokes are all already there. Not much I could add on my own. In fact, the only jokes that were my idea are when the Akross logo appears and in the fake quotes/modified magazine titles. Oh, and the credits. I just had to write something down there. Compare that to The Darkest of Places, where I added tons of puns and modified images. Yeah.
    After reading all this bitching on my part, you might get the wrong idea that I did not enjoy making Japanese People Flacking at all. Not true. There is one big thing that kept me going and that thing is lipsynch. I freaking LOVE lipsynch. The last time I did as much of it was in The Darkest of Places and that was more than a year ago. When I look at it now and compare the quality of lipsynch I did there to that of Japanese People Flacking, I see a huge difference. I feel like I’ve improved a lot. That puts a big smile on my face.
    “Japanese People Flacking” also required some image editing on my part (which I suck at horribly) and learning Vegas options I’ve never used before. So it was both a challenge and a learning experience. I do enjoy both.

    tl;dr version:
    - aware of the flaws of the video (too much text, multiple anime sources in a trailer)
    - this genre of AMVs limits creativity somewhat
    - only a few jokes were my idea, most of them were already there
    - better lipsynch! Om nom nom nom....
    - fun to learn new stuff

    To sum up, I’m proud of the technical aspect of this AMV. As for the enjoyment factor, it certainly is not the favorite of my own creations. It’s not bad, it’s just that I know I can edit videos that are much more enjoyable to watch.
    What have I learned form all this? The most important lesson is I will never make another trailer ever again. While it’s been an interesting experience, it’s not a genre I particularly enjoy editing. The pretentious artist in me demands more freedom. So the next time I edit something, it will probably be another upbeat/fun/comedy. You know, the usual stuff I do and enjoy the most.

    Contest participation & awards:
    AkrossCon 2011 – finalist, runner up in trailer, 4th in Fun

    Special thanks (in alphabetical order):
    Software used:
    Sony Vegas Pro 9.0d
    Paint.NET 3.5.8
    VirtualDub 1.9.10

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