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  • Member: SakuXAniChan
  • Studio: Visual E Motion
  • Title: 「VIƧUΛL ⓔ」 - Beautiful World
  • Premiered: 2011-11-20
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    • May'n Mishimo Kimi Ga Negau no Nara
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    -''Happy Birthday Miguel&Júlio''-
    -''「VIƧUΛL ⓔ」 power of 3D''-

    SUB THEM (on YouTube) --

    I know, this isn't one of my best videos, but I did with all my love for you, this was one anime that we loved and we cryied together, so I through that this was the best anime for you, cause is very sentimental, about friendship and love, as you are, you're perfect, you both are diferent persons each other and are special in your way.
    I hope you like my present, cause I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, I did only thinking about you. ♥
    Today we cellebrate your born, it's cause is the important day for me too, without you I don't was anything ♥
    Happy b-day for you loves ♥

    This video is dedicate to them.
    -''All informations in the end of video''-
    I wanna say thanks to my young sister, she lent me her PC all time, my Studos VES, my wiffu, Angie, Nana, Ale, my Marys, all my firends here in YT c:

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