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  • Members: Warlike Swans, Warlike Cygnet
  • Title: Puella Royale
  • Premiered: 2011-11-23
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    • Julie Zenatti (Tango) Princesse
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  • Comments: Computer Hope
    "Where every magic girl is a princess, and every princess kicks ass."

    The goal here was to create an action AMV because I got it into my head that I should. It's sort of an action AMV, so I'm giving myself partial credit.

    I may add a dl link for an mkv version later... I messed up the timing of the subs enough times that I got bored of trying.

    This won Best Action at Ohayocon 2012. Placed 3rd overall at G-Anime.

    The video quality of the preview seems much worse with this one than most of my vids.

    These are the lyrics in English:

    I am a princess
    I am a princess
    I am a princess

    An assassin's dress
    Too-large heels
    On my mouth is drawn
    All my brilliant desires

    A perfume flies to me
    My other, troublesome
    That desire that clings to me
    With madness like a glove

    Even after midnight
    In an unknown land
    Dance, and I am yours
    As if I had been lost

    Far from these kingdoms
    and these fairy-tales
    all of my pages are torn

    I am a princess
    The queen of my street
    Yes, I am a princess
    Enemy of time lost
    A woman in search
    In search of a lover
    For my skin
    To dance a thousand and one tangos

    My assassin's dress
    Torn, wrinkled
    On my bitter mouth
    I want you to kiss me
    Our legs cross
    My heart is touched
    Our bodies tame
    Reason is in danger

    I am a princess
    Kingdom unknown
    Yes, I confess
    It's a misunderstanding
    Even if life wounds
    All the fairy-tales
    Let me take you away.


    I am a princess
    Carriage advancing
    Even if I'm not her
    From the fairy-tales
    Alone I'll confess it
    Like an unknown land
    I lay my heart bare


    Dance like you defy
    And uproot your life
    Bend, don't fall
    Never again stop
    Finally await
    The dream and the ideal
    What if this is the last ball?

    To dance a thousand and one tangos

    Thank you to TrufflePigStudios (SoaringSalad) for her awesome help beta-testing it! I should also thank this youtuber: xbubblegumslapx, for being the only person to post the lyrics of the song with the chorus' verse, I don't think i could have ever made out the last line of it myself. I did the translation... it's not grand, but's it's also a strange song.

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