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  • Studio: Deez Nutz Productions
  • Title: Heartache & Pain: 1st Of 2 AMVs For Dedication MEP To Godix
  • Premiered: 2011-11-20
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    • Mista Blackberry Molasses
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    NOTE: I will add MP4's of both versions later this week.
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    The anime and song used have been very near and dear to me for a hot minute and I'm blessed to have had the mindset and heart to do this. 27 excruciating hours. Since I started my editing hobby I've made 3 vids that made me teary-eyed, the last one being Changes. This PCA vid is the 4th to do it and the only one that made me cry whilst editing. Uploaded this as battle beta on YT back in July of this year for a contest I'm currently hosting on that website, I won that battle and even before knowing the outcome I set my mind on giving this to Kenzichu for her dedication MEP to our friend Godix who passed away this year. My prayers go out to him, his friends and family members and also to the friends and family members of Zetzu and himself who has been fighting cancer this year, keep hope alive buddy. My prayers also go out to the many people who suffered during the natural disasters in Japan early this year, the creator of Barefoot Gen, Keiji Nakazawa, and my great-aunt, Helen Davis Hewins, who passed this July. To all of you, this vid and my prayers are dedicated to you all. In the last few days I got the want to upload this separate from the MEP on the org to give those who has watched and liked this vid on YT a chance to download it, to spread more word on the MEP and get other editors to join in, and to get others who hasn't seen it a chance to check it out.

    Barefoot Gen is the most heartbreaking anime film I have ever watched, moreso because it is based on a true story relating to a horrible event from WW2. It's BS that we've had and will continue to have demons in this world that will do everything to set up and justify the absolute worst thing us humans have ever done to ourselves: war. Innocent men, women, and children have suffered and died from these wars across history and this specific movie circles around the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings in Japan in 1945. Over 240,000 lives taken and more left in despair.

    The children have always been the truest victims of war since they are too young and those that survive are forever traumatized. Keiji Nakazawa, the creator of the Barefoot Gen series, wuz one of those children. Gen is him in this series. On the 6th of August, his life, family's, and those of everyone in that area were changed. At the time Keiji/Gen lost everyone in his fam except his mother Kimie, who later died from cancer from the disaster. K/G went thru hell. His homearea is destroyed by an atomic bomb. He sees his fellow friend, neighbors, and animals severly scorched, deformed, dead, and even roaming around as such half dead as basically zombies. He and his pregnant mother tries to save his father, Daikichi, older sister, Eiko, and younger brother, Shinji, from their burning house but fails, then sees them all burn to death while screaming/crying for their lives. He's the only one to help his mother give premature birth to his baby sister Tomoko RIGHT AFTER their loved ones' deaths. He suffers even more from the tragedies that has happened to his home country, it's people and the future of them, including another bomb 3 days later, his hair falling out, and hunger. Then he and his new younger foster brother, Ryuta, struggle to raise money to buy malnourished Tomoko milk, gets them, but they both come home to bad news and both of them and their mother cry their hearts out over the tragically deceased Tomoko in K/G's arms, a baby who didn't even begin to live her life. As she gets cremated K/G is reminded of his dead loved ones and sorrowfully apologizes for not being able to save Tomoko. And what makes all of this even more traumatic to me is the fact that all of this ACTUALLY HAPPENED to Keiji. AT THE AGE OF SIX. No one should go thru the hell he and his family went thru.

    If you're an r&b fan and never heard of Mista it wuz one of the best r&b groups during the 90s. BM is their best song, first heard it when I wuz 9 and it stayed crucial. R&B star Bobby Valentino came from this group and everything they did they put it down. This track wuz very influential when it came out in '96 becuz it wuz based on the Atlanta crimes during that time and the struggles of teenagers. It wuz not hard at all making Barefoot Gen become one with it.

    Watch this movie in japanese dub, subbed like I did my first time watching it when I wuz 13, it feels more real than the english dub. When it got to the emotional death scenes of K/G's 4 family members I couldnt help crying, especially at Tomoko's and the japanese dub really brought that impact including the sad musics that played during them. At the end of the film it wuz very motivational to me that K/G, his mother and foster brother still had hope after everything they've been thru. Editing this wuz extremely hard for me the further I went. Eyes welled up editing the deaths of K/G's family and when I got to and finished Tomoko's to the end of the vid, I cried like I did from my grandfather's death in '08. After I rendered and watched the whole vid, I went to my punching bag and punched and kicked the hell out of it so many times so hard that I don't know how long I did, busting tears and yelling the whole time. When my knuckles gave out, I just fell to my knees and cried again. Call me a bitch, I don't give a damn. The fact that situations so horrible could happen to lives put me in the mindset of what if that happened to me and my family, or future one? As a Christian, forgiveness comes but Lord knows that it is one of the most painful things you have to do considering the situation. But revenge never helps. You just have to be grateful for what you still have, have hope for the present and future, and know that your loved ones are in a better place and you'll be with them. God bless for reading and watching.

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