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  • Member: FateTSC
  • Studio: FateTSC Production
  • Title: The War Must End
  • Premiered: 2011-11-13
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  • Song:
    • Donna Burke Heavens Devide
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  • Comments: This was my Nishicon 2011 AMV contest entry that was held in
    (Beijneshal Sport Centre Haarlem) The Netherlands.
    Even it was the first edition of the convention,

    1st place Nishicon 2011 AMV contest Shoguns and Samurai

    My apologizes to KainxSpirits he wil get a credit cause my masking style of the layers has the same effects and almost the same mask lining. Cause I didn't knew also has that kind of the scene. For here for my sincerely apologizes.

    The AMV contest went very good even we had 8 AMV contenders the AMV's entries were very surprised because each of the AMV's were different by genres and concept and that is very great to see that in a AMV contest.

    Anyway about the contest itself the contest was good they were no problems about the playing AMV's the presentation was given by Erik the manager of Nishicon has was good for my opinion. The end result was very surprising I wasn't actually expecting that I've ended the 1st place of the 8 entries.
    I was actually more focused of the openings Intro I've made because I want to help the AMV contest convention to make it more at a professional way so I've decided to help them as good as I can as a job for a AMV staff of Ani-Nation.

    Ranking is only for achievement for my opinion but it is cool to earn it.

    I really like more that the public liked the openings Intro I've made that is actually enough for me cause I wasn't really satisfied with the Openings Intro at all.

    But enough of this Contest. About my AMV I want to do this time a different Genre again like the last entry of Abunai! 2011 Looking for Group that was a story about Shibuya with the Anime Chaos & Head. Since I had two other Animes in my mind like Shining Tears X Wind and Hidan no Aria but I couldn't find a good song that fits one of those two animes. So I've decided to choose Valkyria Chronicles thanks to my friend Sander van den Boogaart which is also a good AMV editor and ended 2nd place in the Nishicon 2011 AMV contest. He gave me the inspiration to use the Anime source so I search for good blue-ray rip episodes as well at the 720p or 1080p version. I had some problems with the importing at Premiere Pro cause he couldn't handle the bitrate my Video card execrate was to weak to handle it. So I did the 720p version convert it at Megui from MKV to MP4 and the problem was gone.

    This time its a War AMV with a good feeling dramatic music and strong message.

    The story starts with a girl named Alicia Melchiot she is a soldier of the Squad 7 members. Her job is to protect the Town Bruhl together with the General Welkin Gunther and his Sister Isara Gunther together with the rest of the team the are going to fight against the Imperial Army.

    But at the Imperial Army they have a women named Valkyria she is the one that has special powers to destroy a swarm of armies.

    But since Alicia discovered that she also have Valkyria powers. Alicia decided to leave the squad 07 group team and join the other clan which is also the good side and try to defeat Valkyria on her own. After that she defeated her and also the power Valkyria general also feels that the power of Valkyria is gone he will also been killed. Thanks to the help of Welkin and Alicia the Imperial army and the Valkyria is been defeated and the War has ended.

    I really like to thank the organization of Nishicon you all did a good job and I hope to see you all next year again. I also want to give credits to the other 7 AMV editors cause they did also a good job to entertain the public so make sure you also watch they video's.

    Anime: Valkyria Chronicles (TV)
    Artist: Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker
    Audio: Heavens devide (Edited version)
    AMV Editor: Timmie Ng (FateTRSC)

    Program used:
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
    Adobe After Effects CS4
    Cinema 4D R11.5

    Copyright disclaimer: This AMV is purely fanmade and the music and Anime are owned by the respective owners. This video has meant for promotional use and fanmade use. NOT FOR COMMERCIALIZING USE.

    Timmie Ng 2011

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