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  • Member: BlueStarAMV
  • Title: Maniatic depression
  • Premiered: 2011-10-15
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    • Innerpartysystem Die Tonight Live Forever
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  • Comments: Just made the first 40 something seconds before oging to an expo them coming back from it i finished ;).
    I really like more this movie than the other it's more easy too discover what the hell is happening than in the other -hasn't watch it but already understanded how to use the scenes 8D-
    This thing doesn't have any single trace of credits cuz, it's some waht a proyect of evangelin that i have, the last part(this one) is about Asuka,the second is Rei and the first Shinji i'll be uploading the by parts and then join them all together like a remix, every single one of them will have one different song, so don't expect to see Rei or Shinji with "die tonight live forever" and there would be more effects the parts by itselfs are going to be RAW so not FX until the whole joining thing, it's just something to have fun and see how it is going to end, fi it's goig to be great or bad or a "okay" anyways, just saying :).
    See ya~~

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