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  • Member: kapparomeo
  • Studio: Cyclops Productions
  • Title: Love is Destructive
  • Premiered: 2011-10-05
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    • ABBA Under attack
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  • Comments: **special thanks to CodeZTM for beta testing this video**

    Well, love is war...

    The storm that Neon Genesis Evangelion whipped up on its first broadcast still hasn't blown out even today, and with its unconventional plot development and density of striking moments, it's for a good reason. One of the lasting impressions that the End of Evangelion had on me was "Komm, Susser Todd" - the peppy song about suicide that with blinding, stinging cheeriness accompanied Shinju's final breakdown and the destruction of the world. This AMV has been created with a similar mood, stretching out and pinning back a mask of a smile with the jaunty liveliness of killing, and I hope conveys a little of the fascination that Evangelion's dissonance creates, mainstream but still individual and offbeat.

    Please enjoy, and constructive criticism is always seriously considered.

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