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  • Member: Kosmit
  • Title: Cunning Runt
  • Premiered: 2011-09-30
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    • Tsuneo Imahori H.T.
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    After making 3 upbeat/comedy videos in a row, I finally decided to create something different. The idea of editing an alternative opening to Black Lagoon using the opening theme from Trigun has been present in my head for quite some time, so I decided to go for it. It was supposed to be something quick and easy to edit. As usual, I was wrong. I ran into several problems very early on.
    First of all, the opening to Trigun is extremely simple with very little synch. Following the looks of it would make for a pretty boring AMV. So I decided to make it much more dynamic, but still include parts (like introducing characters and such) that would make it look kind of like an opening. However, that caused another problem Ė slower parts in the generally fast paced Trigun music have been kind of breaking the flow of the video. In the final iteration, I particularly dropped everything that made this AMV resemble the Trigun opening with the exception of the Black Lagoon logo appearing and the two guns near the end. I get the feeling that the two leftover scenes, while OK on their own, donít really fit the video overall. Oh, well. Happens.
    So there you have it, a slight experiment on my part, and not a very successful one if you ask me. But, since Iíve spent quite a lot of time on editing it, I might as well release it.

    Other stuff
    The scene that took the most time to make were the guns near the end. The guns used are Revyís (on the right) and Edaís (on the left). First, I obviously had to mask them out. But they were a bit too big, so I zoomed out. That in turn made the image cutoff visible. So I had to add the rest of the image from the following frames in the scene. Overall it looks OK.
    In the Trigun opening, the giant light bulb thing appears in the background, which is important to the story. But what is important for Revy and others in Roanapur? Money, of course! Thatís why itís there.

    As for the AMV title... Well, truth be told, Revy is a bit of a cu... runt.

    Special thanks goes to Crossfade .

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