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  • Member: Kireblue
  • Studio: Kireblue Productions
  • Title: Atmosphere
  • Premiered: 2011-09-20
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    • Mute Math Control
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    This is the remake of my "Noein Control" AMV that I made over 2 years ago. I always felt that "Noein Control" had the best concept of all the AMVs that I ever made, and that I ruined it by using terrible video quality and amateurish editing. So with "Atmosphere", I made sure to completely redo and update everything while still keeping the same mood concept of the original. I hope you all enjoy.

    If you aren't familiar with the anime, here is a brief summary.
    The necklace around Haruka's neck gives her the ability to travel between, alter and essentially "control" time and space. This causes her to get targeted by a group of people from another dimension that need her powers to save their home. Her best friend/ love interest named Yuu tries to protect her, but is no match against them. The guy with white hair (Karasu) is one of the people sent to capture Haruka, but he soon realizes that that her world is actually a past version of the world that he is originally from. He also realizes that she is the teenage version of his dead girlfriend, and that Yuu is the teenage version of himself. This causes him to ignore his orders and protect the two of them whenever they are in trouble.

    Additional random info: "Noein Control" is actually the AMV that got me the position of Momocon's AMV Assistant Director in 2009. I made "Atmosphere" just in time for AWA Pro, so it was also one of my entries this year.

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