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  • Member: Nate RFB
  • Studio: Jaganzoku Virtual Studios
  • Title: Are you a Top Gun?
  • Premiered: 2003-06-05
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  • Song:
    • Top Gun Main Theme
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This was a heck of a lot easier to put together than "Here's to the Eva." Since the song did not have any lyrics, timing was considerably easier than before. Some may argue that the song choice is not particularly original, but I felt it fit so well that it was a chance I could not pass up.

    I'm a bit upset that I couldn't truly fit in everything I wanted to. I was more or less able to get across everything I could from Isamu's perspective. This is a video more or less details his relationship with Guld and Myung, and how he goes about resolving the conflicts he has with each. I wasn't able to truly introduce Sharon Apple or truly finish Guld's side of the story, but including such would have meant rushing the video along too much. A sacrifice I wasn't willing to pay.

    And, well, it worked out pretty well in my opinion. The video and audio flow nearly perfectly. This was a work connecting a passion of my past (Top Gun) with a passion of my present (Macross Plus), so in more ways than one it acts as not only a nostalgia trip into Top Gun but also a re-emersion into the world of Macross Plus.

    Encoded in the same fashion as "Here's to the Eva," this video of course owes a lot to Absolute Destiny and ErMaC for their stellar guidance. I felt much more confident producing this than I did with my Eva AMV, and think the results are much more promising.

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