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  • Member: richardbfv
  • Studio: Re-Evolution Studios
  • Title: Jealous Love
  • Premiered: 2011-03-14
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  • Song:
    • Venke Knutson Jealous `Cause I Love You
  • Anime:
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    FINALIST AT VCA (Viwers Choice Award) 2012. - Best First video.
    1ST PLACE AT JCA (Judges Choice Award) 2012. - Best First video.

    Editor's Note
    First of all lets thanks Ina for find that awesome song / beta test this AMV and Mari to help me all the time. ILU you two =D (okay maybe i dun love Ina but still.. |: *hides* )

    Sooo.. I tried to upload something a little biit different of my dramatic/raw style for now. That anime is not 100% approved by Riddy, but its funny, i just dun like the fan service for boys. Its so disgusting that zooms on boobs and underwears.. argh.. But if you like it go watch because the anime is not bad! ;3 Tho ( for guys ) dont expect a lot of ecchi comming from me again! XDD Cause next time its gonna be yaoi almost for sure.. Ahh yaoi i'm wonder why i never uploaded something BL.. :C Anywayyy.. If you get headache after all these shakings.. well my bad.. That was my intention hohooo :3 Now you'll feel riddy's rage. X3
    What more do i need to say? Ahhh! yushhh: "How to rape faster" is an awesome book made by Ina! You should read it, its gonna change your life forever! And that tips are just a little few that you'll find there bby! ;3 go go go buy!

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